Hacken extractor

On-chain smart contract
security monitoring system

Get an extra level of protection with ongoing security
monitoring and analytics

Why every Web3 project needs monitoring?

  • Around $4 billion has been hacked from crypto in 2022
  • Source code is typically available for everyone
  • Over $3 billion was exploited from DeFi in 2022

With Hacken Extractor you can easily

  • possibility

    Detect threats and anomalies

    Ongoing monitoring reassures you that everything within your contract runs smoothly

  • possibility

    React to sudden liquidity drops

    Be confident that sudden drops in your project’s liquidity don’t happen right now

  • possibility

    Control ownership of a contract

    Get notifications of any unauthorized ownership changes in your project

What can be monitored with Hacken Extractor?

  • Ownership transfers

    Alerts if privileged roles in the contract change

  • Contract upgrade

    Alerts if a contract with an update mechanism undergoes an update

  • Coin transfer threshold

    Alerts if a transfer exceeds the set amount for the transaction

  • ERC20 transfer threshold

    Alerts if a transfer exceeds the set amount for the transaction

  • Blacklisted accounts

    Alerts after an interaction with a blacklisted account

  • Whitelisted callers

    Alerts whenever there's an attempt to interact with any address other than whitelisted

  • Works with the majority of blockchains

    With Hacken Extractor, you can add as many Smart Contracts as your project has. Monitor all the operations of your project regardless of its size

  • Simple configuration and automatic activation

    The most critical triggers, like interaction with a blacklisted account or ownership transfers, will activate automatically. All other configurations are available with detailed guidelines

  • Monitor and react to suspicious events

    Hacken Extractor will immediately notify you when a trigger is activated. A quick reaction to a suspicious event may prevent a data breach or loss of funds


Create you own trigger with wizard

  • 1

    Add event from your Smart Contract

    Select which events need monitoring and control their execution

  • 2

    Set severity level

    Customize the importance of each event for the security of your project

  • 3

    Activate alerts

    Set notification preferences for each event based on the severity level of each trigger

Get notifications wherever you are

Hacken Extractor supports the most popular communication channels and sends notifications immediately

  • Email


  • Telegram


  • Slack


  • Discord



2023 Roadmap

  • Q1
    • Improve monitoring triggers
    • Add Smart Contract pausing mechanism
    • Implement a seamless setup logic
    • Integrate new Hacken Services
  • Q2
    • Improve Hacken Services in Extractor
    • Develop Assets and Wallets monitoring
    • Present pricing model
    • HAI (Hacken Native Token) integration
  • Q3
    • Add combined triggers
    • Develop detection models
    • Integrate hack prevention mechanism
  • Q4
    • Integrate Machine Learning models
    • Add Auto setup possibilities

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